Premium Uganda

In October 2016, anticipating Uganda’s rise as a leading producer of high quality tobacco to the global market, Uganda Tobacco Services Limited (UTS) entered into a joint venture agreement with Premium Tobacco International DMCC (PTID)

The JV was established for the purpose of contracting, procuring, processing and selling quality tobaccos to consumers globally. While UTS brings to the table an extensive local knowledge of tobacco production in Uganda as well as their expertise in the industry, PTID offers marketing and sales infrastructure across the globe. In addition, both UTS and The Premium Tobacco Group have invested in building a tipping and threshing factory, Nilus Group Limited.

Tobacco Industry in Uganda

Commercial varieties of tobaccos were introduced to Uganda in 1927. The first cigarette factory in East Africa was established in Jinja, Uganda in 1928.

Uganda Tobacco Services Limited was incorporated in 2010 and produces both Air Cured Burley and Dark Fire Cured tobaccos.

UTS is one of two companies operating in Uganda that processes its green leaf tobacco.

The Tobacco Industry in Uganda falls under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives (MTIC) and is self regulated by the Association of Sponsors and Exporters of Tobacco in Uganda (ASETU).

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