Tobacco Leaf

We contract farmers to grow tobacco and then buy, blend, process and supply the following tobacco types:

  • Flue-Cured
  • Burley
  • Dark Fire-Cured
  • Oriental
  • Dark Air-Cured

These types can be supplied in the following forms:

  • Strips
  • Hand Strips
  • Butted Loose Leaf
  • Tangled Loose Leaf
  • Bundles, Straight Laid Leaf
  • Blended Strips

How We Source Our Leaf

Contract Farming

The Group secures the majority of its tobacco through its commercial relationship with its growers through the industry standard Integrated Production System, whereby crop pre-financing is provided alongside agronomy expertise. This helps ensure all tobacco is sourced responsibly and in accordance with international and local standards and applicable laws.

Premium purchases tobacco from the growers and then re-grades it when it arrives at our processing plants to better define the leaf characteristics.

Auction Markets

In Zimbabwe and Malawi, if we cannot source specific customer requirements from our direct contract purchases then we will purchase, with their agreement, from the auction markets. Our network of tobacco buyers allows us to cover the major auctions of flue-cured and burley tobacco, where they still exist. These buyers are experts in differentiating hundreds of grades of tobacco based on customer specifications and preferences that take into account, among other factors, the texture, visual appearance and aroma of the tobacco.