Premium Brazil

Premium Tabacos do Brasil S.A. (PTdB) was established in 2002 as an integral part of The Premium Group by Carlos Alberto Brand and Romeu Muller, who were well established figures in the Brazilian tobacco industry.

A 73,000 square metre leaf processing factory was built in conjunction with contracting many farmers within the Integrated Production System (IPS) business model. PTdB’s contracted growers are largely small scale producers, visited regularly throughout the season by the company’s field technicians and agronomists. These experts provide advice and guidance to ensure adherence to the company’s policies on good agricultural and good labour practices, as well as attention to social and environmental sustainability, like re-aforrestation.

In addition the company provides ongoing support to its farmer base and employee communities through specific financial investments, programs and projects aligned with local business activities.

Since the company’s establishment, ISO 9001:2015; ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certifications have been achieved.

Tobacco Industry in Brazil

Brazil has become the prime leaf source of the world’s quality virginia and burley tobaccos, supplying customers worldwide. Over the last 100 years, the industry has successfully adopted and implemented the Integrated Tobacco Production System with small scale farmers in growing tobacco.

The tobacco industry plays an important socio-economic role in southern Brazil. The crop is grown in hundreds of municipalities in Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Paraná. Nearly 300,000 hectares of land is used for the tobacco crop supporting 150,000 farmers and their families. In total about 2,000,000 people are involved in the Brazilian tobacco industry, injecting many billions of rias into local economies annually.

Crop Annual Timeline