Products & Services

The Premium Tobacco Group is the largest privately owned, and one of the top three
tobacco merchants in the world.


We buy, blend, process and supply tobacco


The tobacco’s stalk position, colour, texture, elasticity and leaf size are among the factors taken into consideration in the grading process. Premium purchases tobacco from the growers and then re-grades it when it arrives at our processing plants to better define the leaf characteristics.


We process tobacco to meet each customer’s specifications for quality, yield, chemistry, particle size, moisture content, and other characteristics. Unprocessed tobacco is a semi-perishable commodity that generally must be processed within a relatively short period of time to prevent fermentation or deterioration in quality. Accordingly, we have located our worldwide processing facilities in proximity to our principal sources of tobaccos in high demand.

Quality Control

Prior to processing the tobacco is blended to meet customer specifications; threshed to remove the stem from the leaf; and then further processed to produce strips of tobacco and separate out the smaller pieces, or scrap. Processing also involves the removal of excessive moisture so enabling the tobacco to be held in storage for extended periods of time without any quality degradation. Throughout the process, our technicians use laboratory test equipment for quality control to ensure that the product meets all customer specifications.

Key Success

Our position as one of the recognized industry leaders in the leaf tobacco industry sector has been developed through a number of key success and operating attributes that encompass:


Our Experience

Our experience dealing with large numbers of farmers, both small scale and commercial


Our Expertise

Our expertise in delivering a reliable and sustainable supply of compliant, competitively-priced leaf tobacco


Our Ability

Our ability to meet unique customer requirements for style, volume, and quality


Our Longstanding

Our longstanding relationships with our customers


Our Presence

Our presence in all major sourcing areas